Welsh Castles Relay

Good News! We have received a sufficient level of interest in Striders entering a team for the Welsh Castles Relay. Team entries are now open and we would like to be able to submit our Team sign up within a week or so. To ensure this is a success and to make sure we have the numbers, we are asking for the entry fee to be paid by each team member before we make the entry.

We will only enter the club once we get enough individual signups, so that's a minimum of 20 runners signed up here. If don’t get the required 20 and the club does not enter a team, we will refund everyone’s in full. Entries after the first 20 signups will become first reserves, who will receive a full refund if they do not get a position on the team.

Once entered, if you need to pull out then the onus will be on you, with help from the Club, to find a replacement. Hopefully there will be a list of reserves who want to take part but were not in the first 20. We will sort out who is running when, and other things like accommodation once we have a confirmed team.

The only stipulation at this stage is that you are comfortable running 9:30mm or faster on a hilly route of 7 to 13 miles.

The race entry fee per person is £34.50. There will obviously be other expenses like minibus hire, fuel, any communal food, energy drinks, refreshments, etc. We are therefore asking for a commitment of £45.00 per person at this stage, but the Club has also committed to make a contribution towards some of the expenses such as the minibus hire to make the event more affordable.

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