Running Etiquette

At striders we want everyone to enjoy their running safely. We encourage you to look out for others as well as yourself!

Safety. Alert a run-leader to stop the run or session if someone is hurt or getting left behind. Please let someone know, ideally a run-leader, if you need to leave before the end.

Kit. Please use decent running shoes and always wear at least a vest (and shorts!) in the summer. On club runs we are representing Striders, so no topless running.

Hi-viz. If running on roads or in the park after dark, always wear bright, highly visible, reflective clothing. Please also use a head or chest light as sometimes paths may not be lit.

Polite. Be aware of other people and revert to single file when necessary. It's nice to say thank you to others who give way to you - a big group of runners can be intimidating.

Headphones. Please avoid using any headphones, especially on the track, even bone conductors. It's important you can hear instructions and be fully aware of events around you. Running is also a social experience!

Emergencies. It's wise to carry with you some ID and details of any medical conditions you have. A mobile phone is also sensible. Alert a run-leader of any emergencies immediately.

Fitness. Please ensure you understand the session and can complete it before you start. Do not run if you feel unwell, unfit or are injured.

Hygiene: Please no spitting, on any group run or on the track.

Track: Stay on the inside unless over-taking, and use only the lanes you have been allocated as there can be more than one session on the track. Do not loiter on the track when you have finished the session as there may still be others finishing off, and you can shout 'track' to alert others who are doing this. More info on track running and the Tuesday training schedule is available here.

Roads: Where possible run on the pavements rather than roads. When on-road, face oncoming traffic unless on a bend with a poor sight-line. Follow the highway code and use marked road crossings when available. More info on road running and the Thursday group runs is available here.

Hazards. Always shout out obstacles, pot-holes or pedestrians to runners behind you. You may be able to see it, but they may not.