Club Kit

Club Kit

We offer a selection of club kit that can be ordered through our online shop. This is available to signed up members only.

Kit can be collected monthly at Tuesday tea nights, or at some training sessions which will be announced in advance on the facebook page. Please contact Barnaby Walker if you have any questions about kit.

ID Bands

The club recommends that all members wear ID wrist bands when racing and training. In the unlikely event of something happening to you whilst running; wearing an ID band will allow quick identification, information about any important medical conditions and an emergency contact number which could all be lifesaving.

ID bands can be purchased from a company called ICE ID which provides a wide range of ID products. Members receive a 15% discount. Please visit the members area for a coupon code which can be used at the checkout on their website below.

The most suitable product for running is the “THIN EVERYDAY / RUNNING / CYCLING ID”

When ordering you must enter your personal information to be inscribed on the band. The following is a recommendation from St Johns Ambulance of the most important information you should include

Date of birth
Medical conditions if any
Allergies (If none state No Allergies)
Emergency contact number