Tuesday Track Schedule & Rules

Tuesday sessions

We rotate track use for safety reasons. Please see Facebook for the latest sessions for your group.

Other Sessions

We run other sessions each week such as hill or lake reps depending on which coaches and run leaders are available each week.

Track Rules

The track etiquette and rules are there to help keep you safe and keep the track in a good condition. Please read and follow them.

  1. During training sessions, the inside lane of the track will be coned off to help reduce wear. All runners should stay within lanes 2-6.
  2. Runners should stay in the inside lane whilst running their efforts. Allow runners passing you to run on the outer lanes.
  3. As you finish your rep, don't just stop as they may be a runner behind you. Run through the line and gently slow to a jog and then stop.
  4. More than one session may be going on at the track at the same. Always check who is running as you walk on to the track and as you finish rep as you may need to move to another lane so not disrupt someone else. Once the session has started move off the track to do things like tie your shoes laces, drink some water etc.
  5. During a session if someone is on the track but not paying attention and is standing in the way, shout track to get their attention and so they can move out of way. If someone has shouted track, check quickly, to see if you need to move.
  6. Try not to run more than two abreast as large packs of runners can be dangerous and block other runners. More than two abreast is only OK at the start of the rep or whilst passing.
  7. Don't wear headphones or use your mobile on the track as you will not know what is going on around you.
  8. If you are crossing the track, look both ways just like a road to make sure it's safe to cross.
  9. If during your effort, you move from the inside to the outside lanes, have a look back first to make sure a faster runner isn't about to pass you, this will avoid collision.
  10. Spikes cannot be used during extreme cold weather/frost as this can damage the track surface.
  11. Try to stay off the grass especially when it is muddy, so mud isn't brought on to the track surface.
  12. Listen to the coach's instructions.
  13. Most importantly have fun!!!