Over 75 Striders made the trip to North London on Thursday evening as the club looked to retain the Midweek League title for a third consecutive year. Facing a strong threat from a determined Orion Harriers the stage was set for a hotly contested showdown up and down the Trent Park trails. It was a joy to witness the depth of this club as the yellow and blue vests charged down the driveway before disappearing into the woods. From the gun our teammates took the race on with a bold display of frontrunning in both the men’s and women’s fields.

The result was a resounding victory which saw Striders finish first overall in the Open Men, Open Women, and Vet Women on the night. In the Men’s, 3 of the top 4 finishers were Striders with Cam Dockerill (1st), Will Lindsey (2nd) and Steve Buckle (4th) setting the bar extremely high to round off another fantastic season. If this wasn’t impressive enough, the women went one better with Freya Weddell (1st), Hannah Burkhardt (2nd) and Penny Habbick (3rd) completing a Striders full house on the podium.

Striders sealed wins in both Open and Vets Categories overall and the trophies will remain in St Albans for a third consecutive season. Several individual awards have also been secured and we will celebrate our teammates at the Mob Match hosted by Garden City Runners.

Following the publication of results we received a message from Orion Harriers. “Congratulations from everyone at Orion Harriers for winning the MWL. We gave it our best shot, but it wasn’t to be. You’ve got a great club going and we always look forward to racing against you all.” A huge thanks to all Striders who have participated this season both in running, volunteering, race directing, catering and supporting from the side-lines. It has been great to see our squad grow in numbers, and we hope you enjoyed another memorable Midweek League season.




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