Covid 19 - Return to Training

Update 20 July 2021

Club training sessions have now resumed with no restrictions on group sizes. However all members should take note of the following guidance.

England Athletics have issued the latest guidance and have effectively advised that all limits on group sizes is no longer required. The emphasis of the new guidance is now on personal responsibility. If everyone does the following then it will help make it safer for us to get back to enjoying running together.

  • Do not attend training sessions if you have any of the symptoms of COVID-19. (Get Tested!)
  • Do not attend training if you have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19 and if you have been told to self isolate.
  • Get both of your vaccine jabs.
  • Consider taking regular rapid tests before attending any group activities, especially if you are not fully vaccinated.
  • Give each other space. Just because we are legally allowed to training in large group it doesn't mean that you need to be right in someone's personal space, especially when we have so much open space to train in. Remember that others may not be as comfortable in close proximity to others as you may be.
  • Remember, still wash you hands regularly and it is suggested that you still carry a mask when training. This is just in case you need it for going into the track building for example.

How will this affect Striders training sessions?

We will no longer have a limit on group sizes. However, we will try to keep groups to reasonable size in order that everyone can get a better quality session.

All groups will now meet at 7pm on both Tuesday and Thursday.

We will continue to meet at the rear of the track building on the grass. (ie Outside the track fence). There is plenty of space for everyone.

Tuesday sessions will be in larger pace groups. These groups will be separated out into sub groups dependant on how many people we have. For example, on the track, one session will be advertised but within that session the group may be split into three groups that start the reps at different points on the track.

We ask that everyone picks a pace group and sticks with it for a while. All going well we will rotate the two groups each week. You will get a better quality session if you are running with people who are a similar pace to you.

Over the coming weeks will try and add further training options once we have a better idea of how many people are coming to Tuesday training sessions.

Thursday group runs will continue as they have been in smaller pace groups. The group sizes will not be limited, but we will try and keep the groups to a reasonable number so that run leaders can keep track of the group when out on a run.

We will continue to post the facebook poll for the session options. Although it is not mandatory to book a space, we ask that you could continue to use it where possible and if you do decide to come to a session at the last minute, please add yourself to the relevant group poll after the session. We will use this to help us plan the sessions but more importantly to also keep track of who was at each session in the event that someone subsequently tests positive for Covid-19. In those circumstances we will inform everyone who was in the relevant group that they have had a Covid contact. It will then be an individual responsibility on what to do next i.e. isolate, get tested etc.

If you require any have any queries feel free to ask on the clubs facebook group if you are a member.

Alternatively email one of the following depending on your query.

Covid 19 Officer - Katie Bunting

Lead Coach - Steve Buckle

Chairman - Bernadette Newby