Interval Sessions

This week's interval sessions are listed below. Don't forget your facemask, please try and stay in the same pace group as normal. Most importantly enjoy the sessions. PLEASE CHECK THE START TIMES AS SOME ARE EARLIER THAN NORMAL.

If you would lake to join a session and are not on facebook please email with you preferred group and we will make sure the run leader is aware you will be coming. If the group is already full we will let you know the other options.


(Pace group, session leader, meeting time, meeting point, session/location)

7.30 min/mile - Stu Middleton - 7pm - Point A - Fryth Mead - 300m reps for 30 minutes

8 min/mile - Gladstone Thompson - 6.45pm - Point C - Fighting Cocks - Hill Reps

8.30 min/mile - Andy Normile - 6.45pm - Point A - Midway - 800m x6

9 min/mile - Richard Evans - 7pm - Point C - Track - 400m with decreasing recoveries (5 x400m)x3 3-5k pace

9.30 min/mile - Steve Alexander - 6.45pm - Point B - Ladies Grove - 600m x8

10 min/mile - Malcolm Coakley - 6.45pm - Point D - Westfields - 750m x6

10.30 min/mile - Dette Newby - 7pm - Point B - Track - 400m with decreasing recoveries (5 x400m)x2 3-5k pace


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