Thursday Road Runs

If you have access to the club facebook group, details of the available Thursday road run groups will be posted in advance.

Various groups will meet at the Abbey View track building at either 6.45pm or 7pm.

Pace group will be limited to a maximum of 12 and depend on the availability of sufficient run leaders.

Groups range from 7 to 11 minute mile pace, with groups at 30 second intervals ie 7mm, 7.30mm, 8mm, 8.30mm etc

If you are NOT on facebook please email with you desired pace group and we will let the relevant run leader know to expect you and we will also let you know the meeting point and time as these may vary from week to week.

Please ensure that you have read the return to training briefing before you attend your first training session and also complete the return to training form. You will only need to do this once.

Remember to carry a mask when running.

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