Interval Sessions

Tuesday intervals sessions are back, starting from this week. Numbers on the track are limited to two groups of twelve. The pace groups will rotate on and off the track so everyone will get equal opportunity for track time over a month. We are limited to only twelve runners per group so please only select the pace group you would normally run in and only if you will definitely be running. If you don't turn up, you may be taking a space from someone else. Remember to sign up the health form online if you haven't already and all runners must have a mask with him although you will not need to wear it unless asked.


(Pace group, session leader, meeting time, meeting point, session/location)

7 min/mile - Steve Buckle - 7pm - Point B - Track - Constant 300s

7.30 min/mile - Stuart Middleton - 7pm - Track Access Road - Hollybush Ave 1km Reps

8 min/mile - Richard Evans - 6.45pm - Point A - 5x800m Hill Loops - Far end of park by Bluehouse Hill

8.30 min/mile - Andy Normile - 6.45pm - Point B - Football pitch loops in Park

9 min/mile - Steve Alexander - 6.45pm - Point C - Grass Reps in park

10 min/mile - Gladstone Thompson - 7pm - Point A - Track - Constant 300s

10.30 min/mile - Sue Edwards - 7pm - Point C - Football Pitch loops in park


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