Club Time Trials

In 2021 the annual club champs competition will be replaced by a series of monthly Time Trial events.

There are separate champs for men and women, with prizes for 1st to 3rd place. Points can be gained by running in our designated time trial races and the winner is the person with the most points at the end of the year. 50 points for 1st Strider across the line, 49 for 2nd etc with a minimum of 30 points.

Bonus points - 10 bonus points are available for anyone who runs at all six Time Trial races.

No volunteer points this year.


  1. 3rd June - Virtual MWRRL (Solstice 10k route)
  2. 24th June - Virtual MWRRL (Mid week 10k warm-up route)
  3. 15th July - Handicap route (approx 4 miles)
  4. 22 August - Stampede route (approx 4 miles)
  5. 19 September - XC Verulam Park (distance tbc)
  6. 5th October - Track 5k

Please remember the time trial is designed to be a fun event where people can challenge themselves against the clock but also can have a bit of friendly competition with club mates.


SAS Time Trials 2021 Event1 03 06 21


Time Trial Results - 15 August 2020 (Handicap Route)


Time Trial Results - 18 September 2020 (Heartwood Route)


Time Trial Series Info

Time Trials 2020 21 Infographic



Striders Midweek Warmup Route (10K)


Striders Handicap Route


Striders Heartwood (Stampede) Route

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